Home Selling Photo Tips

Every home needs to be enticing in order to catch a Buyer’s interest and have them step in the door to take a look. Here are 4 tips to think about when getting ready to photograph your home.
1. Have great lighting. Too many images end up dark and hard to see. Bring in an extra lamp or spot light to illuminate the room and show the full potential.
2. Don’t leave out important rooms. Buyers want to see all the main rooms: kitchen, dining, living areas, bedrooms, great rooms, and dens. If a bathroom is spectacular, include that. When a room is left out of the mix, it implies there might be something wrong. If your pictures didn’t come out the first time, retake them, or use a wide angle lens to capture the full view.
3. Have more than one picture. If a listing only shows one image, there is an assumption that the house needs a lot of work. For someone that doesn’t want a handyman special, it will knock the house off the list- all the while being that the home owner simply didn’t get around to staging the house and taking photos. Don’t sell yoursef short.
4. Declutter- this can not be said enough times. A messy, cluttered room hides fabulous details or creates the look of a small room. Perhaps there is just too much furniture in a room and by removing some it, the spacious qualities of the home get revealed.
Unlock your home’s potential with beautiful photos!