Cool Shade Ideas

gliderswingA deck can be a beautiful way to enjoy your yard or condo outdoor space, but not in the blazing hot sun. Here are a few easy ways to ramp up the shade and expand your outdoor living for both day and evening.

Plant some fruit trees in pots. The trees will cast a diffused shade and you’ll get some delicious fruit down the road.

Add a glider swing with a canopy. You will have a fun place to relax, the thrill of the ride, and a bonus breeze.

Pop up a folding gazebo. This can be opened as required, and creates a fun design space on the deck.

Retractable screens. Using either a manual pull across screen, or one that is motorized lets you beat the heat during the day and still star gaze at night.

Build a trellis and use planters with vines to fill in the gaps and provide both shade from above and privacy from the sides.

Rig up a sail cloth. This can be any size or shape, partially covering the deck, pulled taut by wires.

Set up some island flair. Hang decorative grass mats to create a tropical feel while casting shade.

Most of all, make sure you enjoy your great outdoor space! What’s the most interesting shade idea that you have seen?

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