I’m Thinking of Selling- Now What?

Even though your house isn’t on the market yet, the Buyer is already starting to look through listings and magazines. What you do in the time period before you put your house on the market will determine how much time it will take to sell, how much money you will get for the sale, and whether your experience will be easy or difficult.

The basic steps to selling a home involve preparing your home, either hiring a great real estate consultant or selling the home on your own, determining what the selling price should be, marketing your home, and consulting an attorney to review any offers that are made.

There are many simple things that you can do right now that will get you the highest price in the shortest amount of time. Ask us for our free Room by Room Review Guide that will show you the most important things you can do now to prepare for your move. This useful guide will show which improvements are really worth doing, and which ones will be wasting your time and money.


Home Value Request How much money is my home or real estate property worth?

  • Pricing your home is not easy. If you ask too much it may never sell, asking too little throws away hard earned equity.
  • A Market Analysis can show current selling prices for similar properties to help you find a asking price reflecting the current market and your own needs.
  • Many factors affect the current market price. Use your Free Market Analysis as a tool to help find where your property fits into the real estate market today!

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