Make Your Home Senior Friendly

Here a few ways to make your home safer for all family members- always important, but even more so during the holidays when your Senior friends and family may be visiting.

Shed some light- make sure all bulbs are working and put up lights on pathways and stairs

No falling zones- fix any uneven surfaces on stairs and walkways, put in handrails if needed, mark uneven steps with something that will flag people to take notice when they are walking

Are doorways wide enough for walkers or wheelchairs?

Add bathroom grips by the tub and toilet. Add temperature controlled shower heads. Add a transfer bench for the tub. Install higher toilets.

In the kitchen, convert lower shelves to pull out drawers. Keep heavier pots and pans in the lower drawers. Have a fire extinguisher handy.

What other handy fixes have you seen or installed yourself to make your home safer?