What Will The Future Hold For Senior Living?

Although it’s impossible to predict the future, as baby boomers have begun to retire we’ve already seen shifts in senior living communities.

These communities, which have health-care covered, are now moving their focus to providing a lifestyle that promotes physical, mental and spiritual health while also meeting the high expectations of their baby boomer residents.

These communities are offering five-star, luxury:

  • Access to leisure and hobbies
  • Dementia and memory care
  • Dining options
  • Educational opportunities and access to higher learning institutions
  • Fitness communities, personal training and specialized physical therapies
  • Group travel options
  • Healthcare including access to primary and specialized physicians and nursing staff
  • Social activities

As baby boomers continue to weigh-in on what they need from senior living communities there’s no doubt that they will have a huge impact on the architectural style of newly built homes, the layout of suburban communities, and the way that senior living communities are built and run.

What trends do you expect to see in new home and senior living communities as builders try to meet the high expectations of the baby boomer generation?

An excerpt from : Kimberley Fowler’s Senior Living Blog