Get The Home YOU Want! Just What Is It You Want?

When building or buying a home, it helps to decide just exactly what you NEED and what you WANT.  Once you have a price in mind, THEN start looking.  If you do it the other way around, you’ll fall in love with a home that you can’t afford and none in your price range will ever measure up to it.

Location, location, location!  Don’t you wonder why people always ask about location first?  Well, it’s the hardest thing to change about a home once you buy it.  However, there are things besides the neighborhood that you need to consider.  Things like size of the lot – do you really want to mow those five acres or is it worth it to be that far from those nosy neighbors?

Dinner anyone?

Think about your lifestyle in relationship to the kitchen and dining room.

Do you actually cook?  Do you need that full gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances and lots of cabinet space?  Do you need room in the kitchen for eating in – or will you always use the dining room?

What’s on TV tonight?

Do you need separate living and family rooms?  In some states, like Florida and California, lifestyles are pretty relaxed all around and rarely do we find that we need a formal living room.  Many family rooms need to be large enough to accommodate computer stations as well as the entertainment center, complete with video games and surround sound.

Nite Nite, Sleep Tight…

The thing that really draws the attention of a home buyer is the master suite.  Think about the size of your furniture; do you need extra room for a crib?  Do you need a sitting area or study?  Separate walk-in closets for you and your spouse?

Where’s MY room?

Do you need more bedrooms?  One for each kid or guest?  Do they each need their own bathroom or can they share?  Where are these rooms in relation to the master suite?  Is there a room dedicated as an office or a gym?

Having gone through this list – you’re well on your way to finding your new dream home

Take pictures as you go through Open Houses to add to your Dream Home Vision Board!