Getting Started-Where do you begin?

Deciding to Buy a Home
Why is it that you want to buy a home? Make a list of your needs versus your wants to determine what you are really in the market for.

Find a Great Real Estate Consultant
Really good consultants know their markets and can help you match your wants to your needs. A Buyer’s agent works for you, rather than the person that is selling the home, keeping your needs first. Their commission is paid by the seller, so there is no cost to you. Their recommendations can save you valuable time and money.

Secure Your Financing
Get a pre-approval from a Mortgage Lender in advance of the search. This way you will know precisely what type of home you can afford, what state your credit is in, and be in a strong position to make an offer as soon as you find a home you love

Find Your Perfect Home
As you search for homes on line, and then in person, take notes and photos to help you remember all the details.

Make The Offer
Once you find a home, use your consultant to determine the price and make your written offer. The consultant knows what homes have sold for in the neighborhood and can guide you through negotiations. A seller rarely accepts the first offer, so they will counter back with another price. You may go back and forth a few times until you agree on a price.

Good Faith Deposit
Once the price is reached, a good faith deposit is placed in an escrow account, usually held by the Seller’s real estate agent, to secure the deal. Many Buyer’s offer 3-10% of the selling price.

Have a Home Inspection
An inspection by a professional home inspector protects you from buying a home that may have hidden defects. If the house doesn’t pass inspection, you will be able to negotiate for repair, or choose to walk away from the deal with the return of your deposit.

Once the inspection has passed, the title to the property has been cleared and the property appraisal completed, you will “close” on the deal. Your last step- to move in!

VIP Home Finder Service- Have the Homes Come to You
On the lookout for a home in a specific neighborhood? Our computers can send you the information quickly and easily for any house, listed or sold, anywhere in town. It’s part of our free, no-obligation Home Finder Service. Give us the basics below and listings will start coming your way the next day!

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