You Can’t Take It With You

The 11 Best Ways to Blow Your Money– Here are some ways you can have it all, and end up with nothing when it comes to retirement. 1. Drive a super hot car. 2. Buy a gigantic home in an exclusive neighborhood. 3. Decorate on a grand scale. 4. Stay out of the kitchen (eat out A Lot!). 5. Try new stuff constantly. 6. Dress to impress, stay out of the discount stores. 7. Build a brand new you and maintain (great new clothes, personal trainer, plastic surgery, etc. 8. Be and early adopter – try the latest technology when it first becomes available. 9. Indulge your children – give them lots of expensive toys and gadgets. 10. Indulge yourself- don’t deny yourself anything.11. Get away from it all- take lots of expensive vacations.

Now that you know how to have a great time, it’s time to reconsider and be reasonable. It’s better to invest your money wisely, let your real estate agent help you select a home that is affordable, that will last you for many years and can give you a better life, rather than being house poor.  In the long run, you will have a comfortable retirement and still be able to have fun along the way.

Excerpts from an article by Donna Freedman, courtesy of Alan Lury, the Financial Handyman