Does An Open House Help Sell Your Home?

Legal Edge For Sale Sign

Welcome to the Open House

In the fast paced world of the internet, where everything regarding a potential home purchase can be viewed on line, why would a Seller want to have an open house? Here are a few great reasons why you should schedule an open house.

First, this is a great opportunity to properly clean up and simplify what’s in your home. Just think that for every single item you give away or pack away during the staging process, it is one step closer to the actual move out date and one item less to pack later on. This cleaning process now gives you the best opportunity to showcase your house to the world.

Both scheduling an open house and the for sale sign on your lawn let friends and neighbors know what’s happening. You want them to come in and take a look. What better form of advertising is there then word of mouth? If your neighbors know of friends that are looking to move into the area, they can give them a great incentive to come take a look.

There are many first time home buyers that will want to take a look. If they see what they like, the Buyers will be encouraged to take a second look and schedule a private showing. Or, in some areas where home inventories are still low, offers may be made right on the spot.

At your open house, it’s a great idea to have a booklet with information about the neighborhood, a plot plan or blue prints for the home, a map showing where the local schools are and any local amenities.

Finally, try creating some excitement. By having a short time frame for your open house (for example, one hour only), it brings in all the potential Buyers at the same time. This creates a sense of buzz about the home since many people are viewing it at once. A home that everyone wants, creates better offers.

When you schedule your open house, make sure you take into consideration holidays, sporting events or any local activities that could keep potential Buyers away.