Tips For A Great Yard Sale

yardsaldA yard or tag sale can help you make some extra cash, as well as clean out some clutter,  but you’ve got to treat it like any other business venture. Here are some tips on getting the most out of your event:

  • Advertise by placing notices on the Internet and in the local newspaper. (You can also wait until someone else in your neighborhood places an ad, then holding your own yard sale the same day.)
  • Put prices on everything. When pricing items, start with the guideline of one-third of what it cost new. But that’s just a guideline. That book that cost you $15 probably won’t sell for more than $3.
  • Display the more interesting items for sale at the end of the driveway to lure people in.
  • If someone hands you a large bill and you need to give them change, leave the bill out until after you have given them their change. Otherwise, a dishonest person could claim, “I gave you a $20, not a $10,” and it would be your word against his or hers.
  • As items get sold, fill in the empty spots on your tables to look like a lot is available.
  • Put out a “FREE” box. No one is going to buy that stained T-shirt or chipped coffee cup.
  • Clean things, or at least dust them, before displaying them.