Eco-friendly Design for the Back Yard

Back Yard Fire Pit

Here are three great design tips to take advantage of your out of doors areas. Exterior design can both  increase your living space and be eco-friendly.

1. Create outdoor rooms. Take an unused patio space and add family friendly furniture along with a BBQ.  Now you have an outdoor entertainment space everyone will enjoy. Or take a wide expanse of your yard  and break it up into more useful spaces: an open area for the kids to run around in; a play area with  swing set and toys; and an outdoor living room for entertaining.

2. Use permeable pavers. When creating a new patio space, or upgrading an existing patio that needs  refurbishing, use permeable pavers. The pavers will reduce storm run off and are better for the environment.

3. Day and evening use. The great outdoors is not just for use during the day. Add a cozy fire pit into your    outdoor living room and spend some time roasting marshmallows and looking at the stars.