Retrofit Your Under Used Space

Here are helpful ideas on how to retrofit underutilized space in your home.

·         Not using your formal dining room? Turn your unused room into an office, craft room or play room. A formal dining room set can be beautiful, but if the room sits empty and you are in need of space, convert it into something more user friendly

·         .Is the space under your stairs jumbled or a hallway a little too wide? Under the stairs and extra wide hallways can have many types of built in cabinetry installed to increase storage. Add a small desk section, or create a reading nook. Use shelves for the most basic look, or add a variety of pull out drawers.

·         Bedroom too small? Convert the space into a dramatic walk in closet. Or if plumbing is nearby, build that extra bathroom you might be lacking. Join the room onto the master bedroom and create a beautiful master suite with a sitting area or office.

·         Is your great room too big? Break the space into smaller, more purposeful areas. Create a TV area, a game table, a study area or craft zone. Not only will the room be more useful, it will feel cozy as well.

·         .Do you have an odd shaped space in your kitchen, or a breakfast nook that isn’t being used? Turn it into a mini office/desk area to easily pay and keep track of your bills.

·         Does your formal living room sit empty since your family uses the great room all the time? Create a display space for your collections, or turn it into a reading library.

There’s always a way to stretch the potential of an unused space.

Do you have a space that needs to be re-purposed? What areas have you already changed to a better use and has it made your life easier?

Excerpts from Tara-Nicholle Nelson of Trulia

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