Spend A Little, Get A Lot #4

Here are some tips to stretch your dollar when preparing your home for sale.

Improve safety by ensuring that windows and doors can’t slam shut; fixing loose handrail on porches, decks, and stairways; and removing dangerous tools, sharp objects and hazardous materials from the garage.

Rent a bank safe deposit box to store cash and small valuables as long as your house is being shown.

Consider replacing hinges and springs on the garage door.  They’re relatively inexpensive and improve safety.

If you’re three or four months away from marketing your house, consider reseeding the lawn instead of laying sod.  Reseeding takes longer, but is much less expensive than sod.

Replacing a cracked and broken walkway with cement stepping stones purchased from a home improvement store is an inexpensive but attractive way to create a new path to the front door.

What’s the best bang for your buck that you’ve ever seen?

Retrofitting Underutilized Space

understairsHere are helpful ideas on how to retrofit underutilized space in your home.
• Not using your formal dining room? Turn your unused room into an office, craft room or play room. A formal dining room set can be beautiful, but if the room sits empty and you are in need of space, convert it into something more user friendly.
• Is the space under your stairs jumbled or a hallway a little too wide? Under the stairs and extra wide hallways can have many types of built in cabinetry installed to increase storage. Add a small desk section, or create a reading nook. Use shelves for the most basic look, or add a variety of pull out drawers.
• Bedroom too small? Convert the space into a dramatic walk in closet. Or if plumbing is nearby, build that extra bathroom you might be lacking. Join the room onto the master bedroom and create a beautiful master suite with a sitting area or office.
• Is your great room too big? Break the space into smaller, more purposeful areas. Create a TV area, a game table, a study area or craft zone. Not only will the room be more useful, it will feel cozy as well.
• .Do you have an odd shaped space in your kitchen, or a breakfast nook that isn’t being used? Turn it into a mini office/desk area to easily pay and keep track of your bills.
• Does your formal living room sit empty since your family uses the great room all the time? Create a display space for your collections, or turn it into a reading library.
There’s always a way to stretch the potential of an unused space.
Do you have a space that needs to be repurposed? What areas have you already changed to a better use and has it made your life easier?

Underwater Home Upgrades

 The mortgage for your house is underwater and you need to put it up for sale. What are some the most   economical home improvements you can make to increase the value without going over board?

1. Increase curb appeal with simple cosmetic changes. A little paint, general cleaning, sprucing up the yard, or planting some flowers go a long way.

2. Create more space economically. Finish off or redo the basement or convert a garage to create more living area.

3. Green is Good. Increase the home’s efficiency with energy efficient lighting, adding solar panels, wrapping pipes, upgrading insulation or converting to a tankless water heater.

4. Expand the interior. If you have a variety or small rooms, combine rooms by knocking out shared walls to create a larger, more useful space, and the feel of a much greater, modern expanse.

5. Use Every Inch. Take a good look around and see if there are any areas that are wasted space that could benefit from built ins [under stair closets, corners between cabinets that are not being used for anything, garage walls, etc.]. Maximum storage is always a great selling point.