Spend A Little, Get A Lot #4

Here are some tips to stretch your dollar when preparing your home for sale.

Improve safety by ensuring that windows and doors can’t slam shut; fixing loose handrail on porches, decks, and stairways; and removing dangerous tools, sharp objects and hazardous materials from the garage.

Rent a bank safe deposit box to store cash and small valuables as long as your house is being shown.

Consider replacing hinges and springs on the garage door.  They’re relatively inexpensive and improve safety.

If you’re three or four months away from marketing your house, consider reseeding the lawn instead of laying sod.  Reseeding takes longer, but is much less expensive than sod.

Replacing a cracked and broken walkway with cement stepping stones purchased from a home improvement store is an inexpensive but attractive way to create a new path to the front door.

What’s the best bang for your buck that you’ve ever seen?