Best Buyer Incentives

How does a Seller make their property more attractive so that it will sell quickly and attract more offers?

Try offering these sure fire incentives…

1. Offer a home warranty policy. Warranties cover repair and replacement costs for appliances and other systems associated with a home and offer a security blanket to cap potential home repairs for the first year a Buyer owns their new home.

2. Offer assistance with closing costs. Homes that offer financial incentives historically sell faster and are generally more appealing when compared to similar homes located  in the same neighborhood.

3. Offer a Remodeling or Repair Credit. If your home is in need of some TLC, adding on a remodeling incentive may just turn the tide for a Buyer that is willing to do the work, but already feeling stretched by the process of purchasing a home. The less a Buyer has to spend to get the home of their dreams, the quicker a Buyer will make the offer.